Artt Designs specializes in creating flat-packed wooden accessories, furniture, and other products to fill your living space. All our products are boxed unassembled and couriered straight to you for you to assemble and use. Our assembly processes are designed to be simple and as effortless as possible. The majority of our products are made to be assembled without needing any screws and glue, ensuring any assembly and disassembly can be performed by anyone.  With our simple assembly, door-to-door delivery, and very competitive prices, we strive to change your experience of purchasing and moving furniture. 

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Our Goal

Our goal is to push the current standard for flat-packed furniture and change the relationship our buyers will have with purchasing furniture. Conventional furniture has made it expensive and difficult for many people with various requirements and our goal is to change that. Our minimalist designs and decision to solely rely on plywood allow us to sell products at a lower price and ship them to you at a much lower cost. We have also ensured that our assembly processes are as simple as possible, not even needing an instruction manual for most to assemble. We have given more choices to our customers and have provided an option for those who had no other. Whether you are a college student who needs to change accommodation often, a recent graduate who wanted to furnish their own apartment, but wasn’t sure if they were capable of it, an exercise enthusiast who needs something simple to keep their boards, bikes, or accessories stored neatly or even if you want to build a shelf or ramp for your child and want to make a fun activity out of it, we are your people, we make products for you. 

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Custom Designs/Cutting

All of our designs are made and copyrighted by us. If you have something which you would like to be made and cut from plywood, reach out to us and we may be able to assist you. We will be able to provide you with the design of your desired product and/or make it for you. You may select your desired wood type as well.

If you already have your own design and would like to have us cut it for you from wood sheets, we can provide that to you as well. We specialize in CNC milling of wood and can therefore are the perfect choice. Contact us directly on our Contact page and we will be able to assist you.