Artt Designs specialises in designing and producing flatpacked plywood accessories and furniture for you. With our easily assembled products and shipping services, we intend to make buying furniture not be the hassle that it usually is and ensure that no matter who you are and where you are, you are able to furnish your space with minimal effort at minimal costs. We strive to give our buyers new capabilities with our products by allowing you to disassemble, and repack your products for the easiest and friendliest experience when it comes to storing away or moving from one place to another. All of this comes whilst maintaining strength and stability in the designs of our products.


Our products are made from untreated 18mm pine plywood sheets. Some of our products contain parts of other material and other thicknesses and are noted so on their respective product page. We use untreated plywood for maintaining the most affordable price we can for our products and you. We use 18mm thickness to ensure our products can handle more than their intended use.  The products are intentionally left as bare wood to allow you to paint, varnish, stain or decorate to your personal preference. Our parts are sold disassembled and packed in boxes which are sent to you via courier services. 

All of our products are designed with the intention of the buyer to be able to assemble it at home with little strength and no technical prowess required. Our products are designed to be assembled by slotting into one another with tightly fitting joints which can be secured with either screws or wood glue. Securing of the joints is optional as most of the products are designed to join in a way to be self-sufficient (products which are not shall be stated on the product page), however, it is recommended to secure joints. This is left open-ended to allow buyers to choose whether they plan on permanently assembling their products or to have the option to disassemble their products to allow for them to store them away or make them easily transported to a new living space. The choice is up to you, depending on your lifestyle and requirements.